December 15, 2009


this is Stephen, or Etienne, if you're french.

   & these are his shoes. yes, they're FILA.

these are his shoes. which i might add he's extremely proud of. he told me that they were 60 euros. 60!!!!! why would you ever, under any circumstance pay that much for FILA. he takes pride that they're "old school." i say that i should just buy him a pair of converse. right? i think everyone would be in full agreement with me. but i about died laughing when i saw this this morning, and now its the wallpaper on my iPhone. I really wish that he'd see the beauty in other brands, like adidas, or nike… i actually think he might have a pair of nikes. Maybe not. But whenever I refer to him on this blog, because i'm sure i wil- this is him, and… these are his shoes. don't worry, this isn't the last you'll hear of him. promis.

it just makes me smile.
i'm his english teacher, amongst other things.

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