November 30, 2011

11. 30. 11
A place to flee to, a sanctuary. An escape from misunderstandings, from yourself. You can get away from others into the quiet of your own being, but from yourself, from the sense of your failure, your weakness, your sins and shortcomings, whither can you flee?
To the Eternal God, your refuge. Til in His Immensity you forget your smallness, meanness, limitations. Til the relief of safety merges into Joy of appreciation of your refuge, and you absorb the Divine, and absorbing gain strength to conquer. - Russell
12. 30. 11
I heard an amazing parable that a man spoke who converted from living a life of Confucius beliefs to living a life following after Jesus.

A poor, filthy, man covered in dirty wounds, scabs and rashes, fell into a deep, deep dark hole in the ground, and had no way to get out. He had been trying for many, many years and couldn't seem to find a way out.
Confucius sees him and says "Oh, poor man" and continues walking.
Buddha sees him and says "Oh, poor man, if only you would have followed all of my rules and traditions" and continues walking.
Jesus sees him and says "Oh, poor man" and jumps into the pit to save him.

November 29, 2011

11. 29. 11
So I have a confession: I'm kind of a goodwill junkie. I just love it. I love thrift & finding amazing things for dirt cheap. And I love things that no one else has, you know... the unique tasty stuff. I went on a hunt for some goods with my bestie KCapri, to my secret spot, with no intention of looking for anything specific, and landed on these finds. I must say, I left with a huge grin on my face.

GOOD #1: YvesSaintLaurent luggage piece (Original)
I know. I couldn't believe it either. How was this in someone's junk/give away pile?!
I'm not usually one for big name brand things. I'm a simple girl at heart, and when I see something I love, i buy it, no matter where it's from. But this just happened to be an incredible steal. Still can't believe it.

can. not. believe. it.
GOOD #2: Snowland boots
Theeeeeeese!! I saw these, and I about died. UGG, as much as I love you... you don't have a pair of boots like these. 
They zip up on the back to wear them high or take them down. Treats, I tell you! Treats.
I will wear these, rain or shine because they're that awesome.

GOOD #3: SELVY & CO. rain coat
This is literally one of the coolest coats I've ever seen, and tried on. No joke. 
Annnnnd if you want, you can reverse it. Awesome? I think yes. 
11. 28. 11
Today was great. :)
Coffee, cleaning house, lunch at a hole-in-the-wall burrito joint with KCapri, thrifting until our bodies were sore, and ice cream cones. Can't beat a day like that. I'll post photos of some of the treasured purchases very soon!
Deals you have to see to believe... literally.

Going to fall asleep to a sappy romantic film, I think.
Maybe one of my favorites: My Best Friend's Wedding.
Goodnight x 
11. 28. 11

November 28, 2011

11. 27. 11
because it's TOO AMAZING to pass up...

"Not our wills but Thine, O Lord" 
Man has so misunderstood Me in this. I want no will laid grudgingly upon My Altar. I want you to desire and love My Will, because therein lies your happiness and Spirit-rest. Whenever you feel that you cannot leave the choice to Me, then pray, not to be able to accept My Will, but to know and love Me more. With that knowledge, and the Love, will come the certainty that I know best, and that I want only the best for you and yours. How little those know Me who think I wish to thwart them. How often I am answering their own prayers in the best and quickest way. - Russell
wow. wow. and wow.

November 27, 2011

11. 27. 11

enjoy x

^ the loads of people from here and there. some townies, some from out of town.
^ I, am a townie. And so, I walked. Dunks and all.
^ 10 minute count down. . . . . . . . . . . 
^ "awaiting" on HOLLYWOOD BLVD.
^ I appreciated this fellow bringing his friend along. I forgot to catch his name.  and just look at that smile! #petsarefun

^ The U.S MARINES started us off...
^ Mexican American Association 
^ the RIBBON GIRLS. they put on a stellar 60 second performance
^ LA TOYA JACKSON waving in white. even a Jackson showed up!
^ U.S AIRFORCE (such a nifty idea, riding down in little planes)
^ ELMO, because who doesn't love him?
^ MEDIEVAL TIMES [princes & princessess]

I didn't get to stay for the whole thing, because my phone was low on battery life. But i'm really glad I drove in the midst of the chaos earlier to stop traffic and ask the street cop what the commotion was all about because I got to be apart of the Christmas parade this year, with the rest of this crazy town. And I'm sure you'd agree with me when I say, it was well spent time.
^ And of course, my feet that carried me home.
11. 27. 11
an upclose and personal look into my nearest and dearest passion...
^ at COLUMBIA Records by HADAS Di
^ preforming "Every Subway Car" on tour with BNL 
note: the undies that were thrown from the audience were worn by the band & I.
^ live in DALLAS, TX on tour with GAVIN DeGRAW
^ "Chai Tea Latte" at Summerfest 
Jason and I interviewing about the upcoming [R] hotel tour
^"Not Even Human"
^ Jason and I preforming "Spinning Wheels" for the RENAISSANCE HOTEL tour
^ I have no idea who took this shot, but i'm so thankful they did. One of my favorites.
^ preforming"Southbound Train" at the Varsity Theater on tour with BRETT DENNEN
^ sound check on tour with ADELE with Greg Suran
01/ 2009
^ live at the House of Blues
^ preforming "Breakeven" by the Script

November 26, 2011

11. 26. 11
So the cleanse...
It's actually going better than I had thought, or expected. I made a whole entire pot of homemade lentil soup. I'd photograph it, if I felt it was worthy to be photographed but you might be disgusted. It only looks unappetizing, I promise.

Anyway, this is me on Day 1:
alive, still breathing. 
Day 2: 
still breathing, and a little shocked at how great its been going...

We'll see what day 3, 4 and 5 hold. So far, so good. Lentils and all! 

11. 26. 11

11. 26. 11

11. 26. 11

November 25, 2011

11. 25. 11
I didn't participate in BLACK FRIDAY this year.
Nor last. 
Or the lasts before that last.
I was going to though. 
Tempted, but my body and mind just wouldn't let me. 
I thought:  'eeesh all of those crazy people, probably still drunk off of the amount of food and desserts they ate hours prior, who've been waiting, and dare I say, sleeping outside the stores staying warm from their anxiety, the zoo of people running over everyone else to get that last winter coat at such a "steal" price, babies crying with snotty noses, moms trying to keep their kids in line; arguing over how many gifts they each can get, the many cart races to the shortest line at the register, and all the nasty bathrooms with no toilet paper left from the people bombarding, and trying to survive finding a parking space? Yeah, nope'.

It all sounded like a nightmare to me. 
So I stayed home instead, and made hot tea like the grandma I am.

Hey, at least I'm consistent. Maybe next year.
But to all of you who did, my prayers are with you. Go forth, and grab a deal for me.

Onto other news:
TODAY MARKS [day 1 of my 5 day raw cleanse].
Lots of lentil bean soup (homemade), tons of red leafy greens, fruits, avocado, boiled eggs, gallons of water, and... a smiling face.
I hope.
Haven't had coffee today, but I might just have to incorporate it for tomorrow.
I think I'll die if I don't.
But all inclusive, after day 5 I'll see where I'm at.
I'm going to pin this allergy down if its the last thing I do!!!
11. 25. 11
The Heavenly Beggar 
Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock
Oh, ponder again these words and learn from them My great humility. 
There is that gracious invitation, too, for those who yearn to realize a happiness, a rest, a satisfaction they have never found in the world and in its pursuits. To them the pleading answer to their quest is, "Come to Me and I will give you rest." But to those who do not feel their need of Me, who obstinately reject Me, who shut their doors of their hearts so that I may not enter; to these I go, in tender, humble longing. Even when I find all closed, all barred, I stand at Beggar; knocking, knocking. The Heavenly Beggar in His Great Humility"-Russell

11. 25. 11

November 24, 2011

11. 24. 11

11. 24. 11
SOOOOO much to be thankful for!
A great day spent with family, and friends :)
11. 24. 11

November 23, 2011

11. 23. 11
Homemade Apple Crisp: Success!
thanx Martha ;)
11. 23. 11

11. 23. 11

"But be doers of the word, not merely hearers only, deceiving yourselves" - James 1:22
read something really powerful this morning in a daily devotional. The Sabbath was meant to be a day of rest, and it slowly got perverted by rules and regulations. The special day that was set aside to rest and serve Him, was now a day of human ritual. In Matt 12: 1-2 the pharisees condemn Jesus' disciples for picking the grain from the ground on the Sabbath. And merely being watch dogs I'm sure, tried to again pin something "unlawful" on them, or Jesus. The picture shown in this setting, is the Pharisees putting their views, and laws, above God's word. They only gave lip service to God's word to justify their daily lifestyle, but in reality didn't live a life of one who seeks to know God and have a relationship with Him. They wanted to protect their outer appearance and look "right" in front of man only. Scripture says in 1 Samuel 16:7 "...for the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." A truth to be remembered here: why do you do what you do? Is it just to be thought highly of? Let us not pay merely lip service of scripture, but let us live it out.
11. 23. 11

somerset, england
11. 23. 11
A night to remember...
Live @ The Hotel Cafe