October 31, 2011

10. 31. 11
Happy Halloween, folks. 

October 30, 2011

10. 30. 11
I really, really, really love 
coming back to things that were once mundane, and getting that amazing feeling of loving it all over again
as though it was brand new. There's a sense of thankfulness that easily overwhelms me. The things you once thought were just
apart of everyday life, and took for granted, are now shiny and new to you again, and you remember the treasure that they actually are.
I realized today, how easy it is to forget the joy in the little things in life that are easily looked over on a day- to day basis. I remember the times
when I didn't have a car, and how much I hated bumming rides off a friends and now, having a car is genuinely a joy! Or how I had to search for a job,
and now having a great one! It's in moments like these that I think "Can you STOP complaining?" How easy it is to forget.
           At church today, the message was titled " Death: The Elephant in the Room". Of course everyone in the world knows that death is upon every single
one of us. It is something that we are unable to escape. But how do you get the elephant out of the room?
Well, you can close your eyes. You shut out the idea of death, and put it in your back pocket, almost as if you'll get to it later, or dare i say, on your own time.
Death is a strange reality, but I was so moved by the fact that the pastor spoke in a way that is relevant for today. This culture continues to
morph into its very own beast by acting as though it doesn't exist. A couple things that really stuck out to me: "If Jesus took care of death, will He not take care of your life?!"
If that's not conviction, I don't know what is. When I heard that, I instantly recalled moments of worry or not trusting God and how I would cradle up and become a 5 year old child,
grumpy and confused at the way life was going. The Lord purchased me and it came with a heavy price. If we were to live a life where we numbered our days, our lives would reflect
something completely different than the every day "mundane". Our lives would be precious to us, we would recall the thanksgiving in our hearts for having a genuine hope,
and love found in the Savior, and every moment we would live for an eternal purpose instead of going through the motions. Oh how easy it is for us to go through the motions.
The reality is without help from Jesus we can't have this mindset. Without His help we will continue to live a life of the mundane, and taking for granted the true joys of this life.
"Every good and perfect gift, comes from ABOVE, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of change." James 1:17.
My prayer has become what Psalm 90:12 says
                           "So teach us to number our days that we may present to You a heart of wisdom"

Begin to number your days. We are all but a vapor.

October 25, 2011

10. 25. 11

October 23, 2011

10. 23. 11
"You must trust to the end

You must be ready to go on trusting to the last hour. You must know even when
you cannot see… You must be ready, like My servant abraham, to climb the very Hill of Sacrifice, 
to go to the very last moment, before you see My deliverance. This final test has to come to all who walk 
by faith. You must rely on me alone. Look to no other arm;  look for no other help. 
Trust in the Spirit of the Unseen, not in those you see. Trust and fear not."

God Calling - A. J Russell

October 21, 2011

10. 21. 11
It would be really great

if i could get a flight to the mid-west somewhere. Or really anywhere
where fall is a little more previleant than here in Los Angeles. Don't get me wrong
I love home and all, but a really great bonfire, hot chai, and some great live music
(in a circle mind you) would be pretty fantastic.

Dying to make something like that happen.

like today, maybe.

October 3, 2011

         Stress, i don't like you. You've got to go.
           I'm gonna need you to vanish. I know, I know… you like to hang around but to be quite frank, i'm over your presence.
Thanks for the times where you made the bored days, worry ones. It's been real. 
Just not real fun.  It's time for you to hit the road. 
                                        Wishing upon your disappearance,
                                                                yours truly

so awesome. 
(via infinity)  
And the greatest kitchen award goes to….
    I recently received photographs from my Aunt Patricia. 
    I am a huge fan of family photos, and realized I didn't have very many of my grandmother
    or my mom as a child.  I love family photos, and seeing a bit of where I come
    from. The style, and the spirit of the age is incredible. It's definitely a culture 
    and era that  I think I would've loved to be apart of. We are Native
    Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Black. These photos range from 1920-'99.
    This is a bit of my family history, and I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I did.
Granddaddy & Mommy 1963
Uncle James, Mommy, Uncle Jimmy, and Uncle Harvey ( Rusty )
Aunt Patricia & Aunt Catherine
My beautiful mother in 4th grade :)
Family 1979  From L to R: 
My cousin LaTrice, April, Aunt Jo, Aunt Ernestine, Uncle Rusty, Aunt Jean, and Mom
My gorgeous Aunt Patricia 
Yours truly 1995
Mom & my cousin Raquel- Summer 1981 
Mama 1980
Uncle James, Grandaddy, & Grandma
Mama 1982

My stunning great-grandmother, Mary Coleman. 
Full bloodied Cherokee Indian
my great-Aunt Ady Jean (honey chil') my great Aunt-Patricia, & my grandmother Essie Mae
March 1989
The Family

Tom Ford Collection
Vintage Gucci cross-body bag
My golden find. Another "if i told you how much i got it for you'd wanna kill
me" purchase.
Peonies, my favorite.