July 31, 2010

Date Night

Let's have an update, shall we?

I'm going to aim to become a much better blogger. I'm not sure where the time goes, or if it's just me that's always going. Haven't figured that one out yet.  Whatever the case… guess where i've been hiding? ON TOUR. And loving it. I'm on tour with The Barenaked Ladies; A quad of Canadian gents and it has been a rather amazing time. It's funny how Canadians are truly different than Americans, besides the whole country thing. Their persona, humor, speech… it's interesting to me and I've enjoyed it. 

Travel has been doing its "wearing" thing. We headed out this afternoon to Raleigh, North Carolina and it began to rain. Trust me, I love a great rainy day. The sounds of the drip… drop…drip… drop- I really do love it. I think a rainy day is necessary almost in ones life, every once in a while. I guess its easy for me to say that since i'm a Los Angeles native. Nonetheless, it began to rain and I was getting a bit weary about the show, since it was an outdoor venue. But the evening unfolded into a beautiful one. The show was great too. There was this huge shimmery shiny wall, with a big oak tree on it, massive thing. Really neat. I should've taken a photo. Bleh. Oh, that's right… my nifty new phone has an amazing camera, and on top of that has an amazing application for another camera. I'll totally give you a glimpse at the creations it produces. 

soon soon. 

i want to fly back to Switzerland, asap. 
till next time.