December 10, 2009


christmas season, hectic season, holiday season. i'll be the last minute shopper.
so i just got back from NY. i love going there. there's no other place that literally smells like maple syrup everywhere you go. if you haven't been, make it a must for the new year. or the holiday. admist the beauty that New York City is, i was in a daze for the most of it. i had food poisoning. Yeah, barf. probably the worst thing ever. i'm not gonna put the restaurant that caused it in a headline, but just know that you should always be careful :) life is getting a little crazy, i mean it's been crazy since i signed a record deal with Aware/Columbia… but then I found out a couple days ago that my record was voted best pop album of 09. yeah, breathe? i can't. blessings, blessings. it's incredible. i have an urge to go to Barcelona, but that should be obvious to anyone reading my blog. my headline picture is a beach in Barcelona, Spain. it just seems like the most peaceful, yet riveting place to visit. there, or go back to Geneva. I love Switzerland.

i haven't eaten anything today, and its already 1:16pm. I probably should. there's a new spot that I love called Blu Jam Cafe. Delish. and they have some of the best coffee in town. so yummy. ohhhh i filmed vh1's you oughta know, and that airs in January. see, crazy. i told you. I used to watch you oughta know on my small tv at my old apartment with my mom growing up. and now i'm gonna be on it. someone… its insane. i hope you get see it.

well i'll be sure to write more later.
my life never stops.

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