February 16, 2010

AIRPORTS are so exhausting. Agree or Disagree? Agree.
have you ever been to the airport where everything just goes wrong? yeah i have. pretty sure the line that Jason and I waited in was a complete and utter joke. BUT as Jason always says " it could always be worse" and he's absolutely right. So i began thinking of ways that I thought would make it totally worse off.

We could've been standing in the line, outside in the freezing blizzard-ing cold.

That sounded pretty terrible to me & that's all that i came up with. Ha..
We're at the airport again, no news there. Headed to Cleveland, OH. And I'm actually quite excited about it. I've only been to OH twice and it was so short. This time, like the other two will also be short but I'm going to try and sink in all that I can about the place. It seems like a sweet state. :) Yeah, i said it.

A good nap will be nice. A nap as in, a full day of rest. And then shopping, and nail salon day.

Wow. I'm such a girl.

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