February 5, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

So i've started day the first leg of the promo tour… and i must say, this is going to be extremely enjoyable. I love love love love love Seattle, and all of its yummy coffee and cool sights to see. Sleep was limited, considering the business of my day. I felt more touristy this go 'round, which i don't mind much. Went up to the space needle which i feel like, somewhere in the back of my mind i've always wanted to do that. Accomplished. And visited one of my favorite coffee shops in the states (as a whole) - Cherry Street. LOVE. and have been enjoying my time here. I was thankful for the decent weather too. I even see a peep of sun shining through my window :)

I'm very excited about this little promo tour, and visiting so many amazing cities/state.
Next week: SF, Chicago*, NY, NJ, Boston…

stay tuned. i'm sure a funny story or two, or rad photos will be shown here.

more later.


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