October 3, 2011

         Stress, i don't like you. You've got to go.
           I'm gonna need you to vanish. I know, I know… you like to hang around but to be quite frank, i'm over your presence.
Thanks for the times where you made the bored days, worry ones. It's been real. 
Just not real fun.  It's time for you to hit the road. 
                                        Wishing upon your disappearance,
                                                                yours truly

so awesome. 
(via infinity)  
And the greatest kitchen award goes to….
    I recently received photographs from my Aunt Patricia. 
    I am a huge fan of family photos, and realized I didn't have very many of my grandmother
    or my mom as a child.  I love family photos, and seeing a bit of where I come
    from. The style, and the spirit of the age is incredible. It's definitely a culture 
    and era that  I think I would've loved to be apart of. We are Native
    Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Black. These photos range from 1920-'99.
    This is a bit of my family history, and I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I did.
Granddaddy & Mommy 1963
Uncle James, Mommy, Uncle Jimmy, and Uncle Harvey ( Rusty )
Aunt Patricia & Aunt Catherine
My beautiful mother in 4th grade :)
Family 1979  From L to R: 
My cousin LaTrice, April, Aunt Jo, Aunt Ernestine, Uncle Rusty, Aunt Jean, and Mom
My gorgeous Aunt Patricia 
Yours truly 1995
Mom & my cousin Raquel- Summer 1981 
Mama 1980
Uncle James, Grandaddy, & Grandma
Mama 1982

My stunning great-grandmother, Mary Coleman. 
Full bloodied Cherokee Indian
my great-Aunt Ady Jean (honey chil') my great Aunt-Patricia, & my grandmother Essie Mae
March 1989
The Family

Tom Ford Collection
Vintage Gucci cross-body bag
My golden find. Another "if i told you how much i got it for you'd wanna kill
me" purchase.
Peonies, my favorite.