November 25, 2011

11. 25. 11
I didn't participate in BLACK FRIDAY this year.
Nor last. 
Or the lasts before that last.
I was going to though. 
Tempted, but my body and mind just wouldn't let me. 
I thought:  'eeesh all of those crazy people, probably still drunk off of the amount of food and desserts they ate hours prior, who've been waiting, and dare I say, sleeping outside the stores staying warm from their anxiety, the zoo of people running over everyone else to get that last winter coat at such a "steal" price, babies crying with snotty noses, moms trying to keep their kids in line; arguing over how many gifts they each can get, the many cart races to the shortest line at the register, and all the nasty bathrooms with no toilet paper left from the people bombarding, and trying to survive finding a parking space? Yeah, nope'.

It all sounded like a nightmare to me. 
So I stayed home instead, and made hot tea like the grandma I am.

Hey, at least I'm consistent. Maybe next year.
But to all of you who did, my prayers are with you. Go forth, and grab a deal for me.

Onto other news:
TODAY MARKS [day 1 of my 5 day raw cleanse].
Lots of lentil bean soup (homemade), tons of red leafy greens, fruits, avocado, boiled eggs, gallons of water, and... a smiling face.
I hope.
Haven't had coffee today, but I might just have to incorporate it for tomorrow.
I think I'll die if I don't.
But all inclusive, after day 5 I'll see where I'm at.
I'm going to pin this allergy down if its the last thing I do!!!