November 29, 2011

11. 29. 11
So I have a confession: I'm kind of a goodwill junkie. I just love it. I love thrift & finding amazing things for dirt cheap. And I love things that no one else has, you know... the unique tasty stuff. I went on a hunt for some goods with my bestie KCapri, to my secret spot, with no intention of looking for anything specific, and landed on these finds. I must say, I left with a huge grin on my face.

GOOD #1: YvesSaintLaurent luggage piece (Original)
I know. I couldn't believe it either. How was this in someone's junk/give away pile?!
I'm not usually one for big name brand things. I'm a simple girl at heart, and when I see something I love, i buy it, no matter where it's from. But this just happened to be an incredible steal. Still can't believe it.

can. not. believe. it.
GOOD #2: Snowland boots
Theeeeeeese!! I saw these, and I about died. UGG, as much as I love you... you don't have a pair of boots like these. 
They zip up on the back to wear them high or take them down. Treats, I tell you! Treats.
I will wear these, rain or shine because they're that awesome.

GOOD #3: SELVY & CO. rain coat
This is literally one of the coolest coats I've ever seen, and tried on. No joke. 
Annnnnd if you want, you can reverse it. Awesome? I think yes.