November 21, 2011

11. 21. 11
Today felt good.

+Hung out with mom at work ( I love that i can go and hang with her there, no problem)
+Got my laundry done (the piles are no more)
+Grabbed yummy recipes that I will try to follow and post pictures of when completed!
+Went to the gym and had a great workout. Insane, but great.
+Went grocery shopping. Man, I love Trader Joes.
+Came home and made a delicious dinner: (see below) 
Salmon Salad - tossed baby greens, Alaskan wild salmon, with olive oil and Aceto Balsamic; goat cheese and a creamy Toscana; mixed with a cherry tomato medley.
+Teared up watching " You Deserve It": a new game show on abc, where you win $ for someone you love and who you think deserves it. The whole story line and dramatic music included. I'm such a sap.
+Found new music to obsess over
+Relaxed over several hot cups of tea
aaaand I plan to fall asleep to the latest episode of "New Girl." Attempt #2

my so easy & so yummy dinner

yayyyy for a GREAT MONDAY!