December 26, 2011

12. 26. 11

I can hardly believe that 2012 is 6 days away.

Instead of a list of resolutions, i'll just jot down a few things i'd like to do/accomplish.
The word resolution, carries such judgement if it doesn't get accomplished, don't you think? me too.

2012 like to do's :
: make my new place feel like home
: learn 10 new recipes for homemade dinners
: see Bon Iver live
: meet Justin Vernon
: return my lease, and buy a car (love you Towson)
: stop biting my nails
: read the 4 gospels
: sleep on the beach
: meet James Vincent McMorrow
: get a dog
: make a new record
: aim for consistency
: fill up my new journal and current
: fly out of state at least 6 times
: play truth or dare
: go to the Midwest
: go to a place i've never been
: buy a juicer (maybe)
: give up something for 30 days
: be asked to be someone's valentine
: be in a friend's wedding (get a move on it, folks) (JANUARY 7th!!!!!!! CHELS IS ENGAGED!)
: buy a film camera
: take a train somewhere far
: sing with Dave Matthews (a girl can dream)
: mend something that was broken