December 30, 2011

I have good reason for the couple days of absence on here.

Big news, too.

I know, pretty crazy. This will be the 2nd "move" on my own. My first was out of my mom's house and into the city. It's been 2 1/2 years of living on my own, paying my own bills, cleaning my own house, making my own meals, and living in this little flat- alone. There's nothing about the move that I regret. It's been an amazing little nook for me and I will cherish every memory I've had in it. Believe it or not, there are more than I would've guessed: celebrated holidays with the family, crazy random sleepovers with best friends, movie nights, hosted my ex-boy, got to know the elderly neighbor next door who; before moving out would wake me up every morning by playing his trombone, bought new pieces of furniture, the haven of escape this place was after months of touring at a time, repainting, christmas cookie parties, nights into the wee hours of the morning filled with music and wine... such fabulous memories. And although I'm leaving, those memories never will.

I realized I had a lot more stuff than I thought. I'm by no means a pack-rat. In fact, I'm the 'queen of deep cleans.' The feeling of getting rid of stuff you never use or need, is something I thoroughly enjoy. But my friend told me, "you never know how much you have, until you start packing it up." And she was right. I'm a girl though. I collect mugs, and have a fetish for one of kind pieces. Plus, I have a piano.
But after all of the packing up that we accomplished in a mere 2 hours, and the 3 men who came to the rescue for mom and I, we loaded her up.
So I say, farewell L.A. You will always be home. 
(And I will visit you more than you think) & HELLO to Northern California! 

More photos of my new destination