January 15, 2010

because how many times can you watch yourself on tv?

my music video premiere on Vh1. i can't even believe that i'll be on television. i never thought ever ever ever ever ever that this would be happening… at all. i literally remember sitting on my couch watching a 30 second clip of this new you oughta know artist when i was 18 years old and thought to myself " i'll never get there, how could i?" but dying for it. and seriously, here it is. that JUST hit me… that's crazy. blessings blessings. i'm so thankful for this opportunity. anymore than this would send me over the edge and i'd really question my sanity. i hope all of you reading this, will watch it and most importantly enjoy it.

i've got my sister and my mom coming over with a couple of my closest friends. early wake up call,  coffee, breakfast foods and a great couch to sit and watch this all go down. i'm trying not to pee on myself. seriously.

EEEEEEEE!!!!!! :)
ciao ciao

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