January 18, 2010

stormy weather


i don't know about everyone else, but i'm actually a HUGE fan of rain. i love the cold, and i think its great to be inside with a cup of coffee and snuggled by fire, (or candles) if you live in an apartment like me. I think its great. i went to my psycho trainer, in this stormy weather and to no one's surprise… almost died. the man is a nut (insert serious face). but on a happier note, i just watched Vh1's tough love episode from last night, and again--- PEOPLE are you with me?? this is CRAZINESS. me on Vh1? i dont get it. so surreal. i just don't think its hit me yet. ha..
and the vh1 party at my apartment was a success. i'll post a quick video recap from it. very fun!

the rest of the day looks like:
hot cocoa (perhaps :)
bookstore to read
and tv tonight :) the bachelor comes on.
i know i know, guilty pleasure.

i hope everyone is having a great Monday. they're rare for me, so this is nice.
blessings from God continue to amaze me.


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