December 9, 2011

12. 9. 11

All men seek for Me, but all men do not know what they want. They are seeking because they are dissatisfied without realizing that I am the Object of their quest. Count it your greatest joy to be the means, by your lives, sufferings, words, and love, to prove to the questing ones you know that their search would end when they saw Me. Profit by My Example. I left  My work-seemingly the greatest work- that of saving souls, to seek communion with My Father. Did I know perhaps that with many it was idle curiosity? Did I know that there must be no rush into the Kingdom, that the still small voice, not the shoutings of a mob, would alone persuade men I was the Son of God? Why be surrounded by multitudes if the multitudes were not really desiring the learn from, and to follow, Me? Follow the Christ into the quiet places of prayer.
 - Russell