December 9, 2011

12. 9. 11

you said "we're different"
i said "cupid, killed his aim"
where did we go? where's all that fire for our flame?
we made promises, crossed hearts, hope to die
but sometimes love slips up
sometimes our skin isn't thick enough
sometimes we make mistakes
silly mistakes
we were in love, tell me how it goes again?
these days we say we're doing fine
so good at playing pretend
we were in love
life wasn't worth living apart
now you can't even look me in the eye
they say 'that's where the truth lies'
i don't know why
i'm still writing songs about you
still singing' about you
my heart is tired, its been up so late
my heart is tired of dreaming
don't know why i'm awake
one day you'll hear my words and they'll never leave you
one day you'll hear these words of mine
and have to face the truth
sometimes love slips up
drowning in loving something too much
sometimes our skin isn't quite thick enough
sometimes we make mistakes

but sometimes love can break its fall
and true love, can see past it all
says 'no matter what happens we will never break'
love never goes away
truth is, you never go

© 2011